Our green space is under threat and we need your help

Dear Resident, Representative, or Friend of Meath,

We need your help!!!

We,  the members of Millbourne Resident's Association, have been fighting to save a small parcel of green space, which we should  be entitled to, for 6+ years, and after the latest planning injustice, we have had ENOUGH!

Recently, An Bord Pleanála (ABP) granted permission to a developer to build on the only greenspace in our estate of more than 300 homes. This on the back of several planning applications submitted to Meath County Council and each time the residents rallied together as a community and fought the application.

An Bord Pleanála has twice refused permission to build on the green space, stating that it is the ONLY open green space for the children in the Millbourne estate, an essential amenity for mental health and well-being. Despite the resilience of the residents, and despite the acknowledgement that this is the only greenspace available in what is otherwise a concrete jungle, permission has been granted to the developer to build 30 apartments on our only green space.

This small parcel of land represents the only remaining green space in our estate. It falls far short of the 15% that Meath County Council considers to be the bare minimum for a housing estate but it is all we have and all that we will ever have.

Despite the council’s commitment to propose that the site be rezoned as public greenspace ABP own inspector’s strongly worded report, ABP have decided to overturn their previous decisions to deny permission to build on our green.

Scandalously, they point to the school yards and GAA pitches as all the greenspace our children deserve – we need not tell you that both are private property. ABP’s own inspector pointed to the undesirable precedent that would be set if permission was granted to build on our children’s green.

Simply put, if they do this to us, there is nothing stopping them doing it to other communities and families!

For decency, for justice, for the environment, for our children and your own, please lend us your support.  We must stand together as a community, as a society. The stakes are high and extend far beyond one estate!!!!

The residents of Millbourne have fought these decisions every step of the way, but now, the only road ahead of us is a costly, legal one. We appreciate any and all donations, no matter how small.  

We can fight this, and we can win, with your help!

Thank you.

Millbourne Residents Association

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"Fight the good fight"